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phil kassel

rena kirkland

2019 Speakers

Building grit fosters meaning in life

Authentic meaning, purpose, and fulfillment is experienced in the journey of building grit. Learn why grit is productive in moving towards your irresistible target and nurtures a life of meaning and purpose.


Phil Kassel is Co-Founder and President of 365 G.R.I.T. and serves as Vice President of Workforce Optimization for GrapeTree Medical Staffing. His extensive experience as an Executive leader, coupled with his sports and coaching background, has allowed him to see clear common denominators within an organization or team. Over the past 20 years, Phil’s learning  and leading journey through failure and success has continued to fuel his passion and resolve and has helped shape the 365 G.R.I.T. Process.


Rena Kirkland, PhD, is Co-Founder of 365 GRIT and currently serves as is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Adams State University. With an extensive background in both exercise and psychological science, she has taught athletes, students and professionals how thought patterns and deliberate practice profoundly impact all aspects of the human experience. Rena is passionate about helping individuals maximize their well-being through the 365 G.R.I.T. Process.