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Tiffany June Fisk for TEDxOkoboji's 1st Annual Conference

November 18th, 2019 | Meet the Speakers

Tiffany June Fisk

"Developing a Relationship with Pain"

1st Annual TEDxOkoboji Conference // 22 November 2019

The process to prepare for this talk has been a continuous up and down roller coaster of a ride feeling inspired and frustrated, excited and nervous – much like how I felt when I found out I was accepted to give one in the first place. 

So many thoughts around this process, but two have stood out the most to me over these past few months and I’d like to share them with you. 

1. Life doesn’t slow down no matter how important of a thing you think you’ve gotta do. It would have been nice to have had ample free time dedicated to formulating, editing and perfecting my talk over these weeks, but instead my husband and I decided to sell our condo and move into a house. At the same time, I also helped a new studio open adding six new classes with different formats to my already two bodywork practices and another studio I’m teaching at. This talk has been trying to work on one very specific thing while juggling a ton of new life threads. What did I learn??? The human is more than capable of taking on waaaay more than the limits our minds have placed upon us. 

2. The amount of energy it takes to stick with a single thing til it feels right. I knew the idea. I had thoughts around how I wanted to say it and then realized I had to keep shifting, changing, editing and revising the structure, sentences and vocabulary over and over and OVER again. Many days passed when I just couldn’t fathom a different way to say what I wanted, but somehow, eventually, because I didn’t give up, the exact wording would come to me. What did I learn??? KEEP TRYING. Again, push past those preconceived boundaries and expand your limits. We’ve all heard “never give up”, but how many times do we stop and accept the mediocre because we just don’t want to deal with it anymore? I wonder what heights all aspects of my life would reach if— just like the TEDx talk— my efforts were broadcast all over the internet for millions to view (and judged). I’m guessing I’d probably keep trying until I honestly felt what I was giving was my best effort.

These were the biggest lessons I got to experience first hand while preparing for the talk and I’m certainly hoping what I’ve learned stays with me. With the talk only one week away, I’m beginning to breathe easier and get excited for the opportunity to share. I’ve still got loads of memorizing to do, but the path feels clear, the hard work has paid off and I’m so ready to step on that red circle! 

Tiffany June Fisk for TEDxOkoboji's 1st Annual Conference

September 9th, 2019 | Meet the Speakers

Tiffany June Fisk

"Developing a Relationship with Pain"

1st Annual TEDxOkoboji Conference // 22 November 2019

My sister told me Okoboji was going to host a TEDx and casually said, “You should apply.” I’ve seen many TEDx talks and often times the Ted Radio Hour accompanies me on long drives, but never in a million years did I consider hearing or seeing myself roaming around that red circle. 

This was because, in my mind, people who give TED talks have one of two things in common. They either had a profound life changing experience which caused a mind blowing perspective shift OR they dedicated years of their life uncovering something profound or life changing. 

Clearly, I felt as though I did not belong in either of those camps, therefore how could I possibly have anything to say?? I sat with my self imposed limitation for awhile until I realized the idea I felt the need to share had absolutely nothing to do with me. 

I haven’t experienced it personally and I didn’t go searching for it. I was a witness to others experience and overtime became a guide. 

I paid careful attention to each person throughout their process, taking diligent notes of what what worked and what didn’t. I then began to share what became so obvious to me, but seemed to escape a lot of those who came to see me. 

Persistent unexplained pain tended to slowly get better in those that moved towards it and spent time developing a relationship with that particular sensation instead of only looking to fix it through outside means be it bodywork, chiropractic, NSAIDs, food, etc.

Moving towards/into, spending time defining the boundaries of, listening to and exploring the sensation of pain itself creates a safe environment for the body to feel heard and the client to feel empowered. They no longer felt “broken” and needed to be “fixed,” but took control of their body and became an active participant in their healing process. 

To be honest, I applied to speak 100% fully expecting to not get picked, and when I got a call from the TEDx Okoboji organizers offering me the chance to speak, I believe my first words were something along the lines of, “Seriously? Are you sure?” Followed by an immediate juxtaposition of feelings. Sheer terror of not feeling qualified (see above reasons) and profound gratitude of being the vessel allowed to share the power I have witnessed on reframing and developing a relationship with pain. 

I tell clients all the time that deep change happens when we step into those places where we feel most uncomfortable, so let be know that I am ready to be uncomfortable, to be challenged and to share with the world the best of my ability! 

1st Annual TEDxOkoboji Conference // Friday November 22, 2019